Artist Statement

I’ve been fortunate in my life to live in beautiful places, first in the mountains and now by the sea. For a while I lived on a small island in the Caribbean where the blues were dazzling as contrasted to the blues found through the fog of a good Maine July day. I am addicted to the seasons and to how the light reveals itself in each. I have experienced the saturation of color in the dampness of the California redwood forest as compared to the open assault of the color green in Ireland. All of these places have taught me to love color and to revere light - to not be afraid of either. With these lessons in my hat and the ability to trust what I see, I have fashioned my art. I like to have fun with color, be a little free with light and shadow. I truly love shape such as that of an island that looms in the distance and anchors a horizon. Why does anyone create what they do if not to celebrate where they have been, what they have seen and learned to be true. As a teacher of high school students, I have learned to see broadly and to respect multiple points of view. Through Art we each make meaning of our lives and experiences. It is a celebration of that which makes us each unique, and there is never a fear that two people will interpret the same.

  K a t h e r i n e G r e e n e A r t s